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Dual Fusion Bond Epoxy Powder Coating

Standard: SY/T0315、Q-CNPC-38-2002、CSA-Z245.20
Coating structure:Dual layer
Nominal pressure: Unlimited
Specification: DN50-DN2000(2”-80”)


    Dual Fusion Bond Epoxy Powder Coating: Dual FBE external coating is consisted of FBE inner layer, modified FBE outer layer. The inner and outer layer epoxy powder is processed by one-time sprayed from two different epoxy powder.
    Dual Fusion Bond Epoxy Powder Coating has more excellent integrated performance than single layer FBE coating with the advantage of high cost performance, long service life, low maintenance cost and support different type of anti-corrosion layer according to different requirement.It is applicable for different conditions of pipeline construction,especially for pipeline crossing and  mountainous area construction, soil corrosion environment of acid,alkali,salt chemicals,support large scope of operating temperature and pipe diameter,it is also applicable for irregular parts, have advantage of mature technology for site construction, easy for quality control,excellent scratch resistant performance, similar shock resistance to 3LPE. Dual FBE combined the advantage of high adhesive property to base layer of standard FBE and water permeability resistance of modified FBE, widely used in Oil,Gas industries.

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