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Production Capacity

The company had the profesional workshop with complete equipments and working procedures. It has the hot bending production units for hot bends with small, medium and big scales and production units for elbows. The company has hydraulic press of 100tons, 200tons, 500tons, 1600tons, and 2000tons, it has 3 sets of heat treatment furnace, large-scale welding equipments, fbe coating production line, as well as 1500 sets pipe fittings molds. Apart from this, the company has advanced equipments of pipe ends bevel machining, drilling, piping cutting, flange machining, and sand blasting.

In addition, we had made out the enterprise standards stricer than the industrial standards as per actual situation of production: hot induction bends manufacturin standards---qb/wd3201-2000 which was quite popular both in clients and engineering and designing companies.

Main Products:

1.Hot Induction Bends:                 Φ18mm——Φ1420mm

2.Smls Elbow:                     Φ22mm——Φ820mm

3.Smls Tee, Reducer, Cap:               Φ25mm——Φ820mm

4.Pipe Fittings Made From Steel Plates:           Φ630mm——Φ3320mm

5.Sw Pipe Fittings:                   Φ3mm——Φ159mm

6.High/Medium/Low Pressure Flang, Blind Flange:    Φ18mm——Φ2420mm

7.Barred Tee:                     Φ18mm——Φ1420mm

8.Fbe/3lpe/3lpp Coated Products:             Φ18mm——Φ1420mm

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